Wellbeing Weekend Healing Activities in Llanelidan

Feeling weary? Need a break? Join us in for a whole weekend of activities and experiences designed to help you heal and find ways of coping with the stress and strains of life. Below you’ll find the timetable for the weekend with more information about each event and booking.

St Elidan's Church


Saturday 3rd August

9.00-9.30          Celtic Morning Prayer (Rev Diana) NO LIMIT

10.00-11.00      Chanting for Healing (Gaynor Gaynor) £5 each

11.30-12.15      The Art of Relaxation (Susie Mansfield) £5 each

1.00-4.00          Therapy Taster Sessions: hands-on healing, acupressure, 
Indian head massage, reflexology –  Suggested donation of £10 (or whatever you can give)
Art & Craft (donation)
Afternoon tea (donation)

5.00-6.00          Sound Bath Meditation (Laurie Hadden-Deering) £10 each

Sunday 4th August

10.30-11.30      Tai Chi / Qigong (Gaynor Gaynor) £5 each

12.00-2.00        Poetry Writing Workshop (Leaf Pettit and Pat Sumner) £10 each

3.00-4.30          Christfulness Walk (Rev Diana) (donation)

6.30-7.30          Taizé service (Rev Diana) (donation)

SAT 3/8/24 at 9.00-9.30am in St Elidan’s Church

Celtic Morning Prayer with Rev Diana Greenfield. Everyone welcome. No need to book!

SAT 3/8/24 at 10.00-11.00am in St Elidan’s Church

Chanting for Healing with Gaynor Gaynor

Gaynor lives in Llanelidan and is offering her skills for the Wellbeing Weekend in three different ways.

As a qualified meditation counsellor with over thirty years’ experience, she will be leading a chant in the church. This chant is from the Taoist tradition and is designed to help shake up stuck and stagnant emotions and thoughts that can become adverse physical conditions if left unreleased.

The chant is very simple and suitable for everyone of all ages and belief systems.

SAT 3/8/24 at 11.30am-12.15pm in St Elidan’s Church

The Art of Relaxation with Susie Mansfield

Susie is a retired Chartered Physiotherapist, having worked in the NHS for over 40 years in Shrewsbury, London, the North East and on the Wirral. She was mostly based in hospitals, but also worked in the community and a GP practice. She taught relaxation sessions for people with Parkinson’s disease, patients with breathing difficulties, and for antenatal women.

The benefits of the relaxation sessions are to:

1. improve mental health, reduce anxiety, depression and improve memory 
2. lower blood pressure and heart rate

3. improve digestion

4. promote better sleep

5. reduce muscle tension and induce a feeling of calm and peace

The session will cover breathing techniques, visualisation, and muscle relaxation methods. For maximum benefit, it’s best done lying down; therefore, please bring a yoga / Pilates mat. Alternatively, the relaxation can be done sitting in a chair. 

SAT 3/8/24 at 1.00-4.00pm 

Drop-in Therapy Taster Sessions in the church, and an Art Workshop and Afternoon Tea in the village hall

Please drop in during the afternoon to book a slot in St Elidan’s Church (no need to book in advance)

Hands-on healing with Rowenna Williams

This is a complementary therapy based on an Eastern belief that vital energy flows through the body. It’s a gentle ‘hands on’ therapy that can alleviate pain, anxiety and depression. Rowenna qualified in 1999 and has been using this gentle treatment to help people and animals for 25 years.

Acupressure with Gaynor Gaynor

Gaynor will be offering her services in aiding healing by using pressure points on the body. She is a qualified acupuncturist and practises at Park Clinic in Denbigh.

Indian head massage with Molly Estellia 

Indian head massage is a form of alternative medicine and massage therapy that originated in India thousands of years ago, derived from the ancient healing system of Ayurveda, focusing on the head, shoulders and neck. The treatment works by stimulating the nervous system, releasing any stagnant energy in the mind and body that might be manifesting as injury or disease. It is done by applying gentle pressure to specific points on the neck, shoulders and head. 

Some of the many benefits include:
1. relief of built-up tension that can oftentimes result in headaches, migraines, neck or back pain
2. detoxification of the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage

3. boosts overall immunity

4. improvement of circulation
5. promotion of clarity and increased concentration

6. relief of mandibular joint tension

7. relief of symptoms of sinusitis

8. boosts cerebrospinal fluid circulation

9. relief of sleeplessness, restlessness and insomnia

Molly is a qualified and experienced Yoga and Pilates teacher, holistic therapist and wellbeing practitioner, specialising in Swedish massage, Ear Hopi Candling, Indian head massage, Meditation, Yoga and Pilates. Wellness is a huge part of her life and she feels it is incredibly important to share it with others. Her passion is to help others heal themselves, become stronger and more mobile, physically and mentally. This has all inspired her life ethos: ‘slowing down allows the healing mechanism for the mind, body and soul’. 

Reflexology with Tanya McCormack

“There is a bigger picture and we are a part of it.” Tanya McCormack has been practising natural healing techniques for over 25 years. She aims to assist people to connect to their unique healing source to promote wellness and happiness. 

Reflexology is a lovely treatment, where pressure is applied to certain points on the feet or hands, effecting change within the body. It is a very safe therapy, even for people with serious health conditions. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety, reduce pain, improve mood and general wellbeing, boost the immune system, improve digestion, balance the hormonal system and can help people to recover from back problems. 

ART WORKSHOP in the village hall with Grass Car Studios (grasscarstudios.com)

Come along to the village hall during the afternoon and try your hand at some intuitive drawing – no need to book. Return to the child-like joy of drawing, without the pressure of perfection. This is a family activity for all ages. A group artwork is created by rotating the work repeatedly and starting anew. This afternoon of art is offered by the creative Nyman family, known as Grass Car Studios.


There will also be Afternoon Tea served in the village hall between 1.00 and 4.00pm, art & craft activities, and a few stalls in the churchyard.

SAT 3/8/24 at 5.00-6.00pm in St Elidan’s Church

Sound Bath Meditation with Laurie Hadden-Deering

Laurie is the face behind ‘Of The Forest’ which is a collection of offerings from her heart. As a mother to four young children, time for herself can be scarce and so she began her offerings as a way of creating that time for herself. As her journey has evolved, she’s extended these offerings out to her wider community and has found herself here… creating women’s circles, mother & daughter circles, plant medicine, womb healing and her favourite of all… sound healing. 

Laurie says: “Did you know that when we are forming in the belly of our mother, it is our inner ear which is the first part of any of our senses to develop? Sound is our first experience of this world and perhaps this is why music and sound can move us in so many ways, creating waves of healing within our bodies on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. With the use of the crystal singing bowls, I will support you as you journey into a deeply relaxed state, where the vibrations and sounds from the bowls will aid in your inner healing. Please bring with you a yoga mat, blankets and cushions, some water… and, most importantly, an open heart.”

Sunday 4th August

SUN 4/8/24 at 10.30-11.30 on King George’s Field (opposite St Elidan’s Church) or in the village hall if it’s wet

Tai Chi / Qigong (pronounced Chee Gong) with Gaynor Gaynor 

Gaynor lives in Llanelidan and is offering her skills for the Wellbeing Weekend in three different ways.

It is well understood in this day and age, how vital gentle movement is for a healthy mind and body. Gaynor has held weekly, regular Tai Chi and Qigong classes in the Vale of Clwyd for 27 years and she will be leading an hour-long introduction to some of the basics and principles of Tai Chi on King George’s Field opposite the church. Everyone is welcome.

SUN 4/8/24 at 12.00-2.00pm in St Elidan’s Church 

Poetry Writing Workshop with Leaf Pettit and Pat Sumner

Be inspired to write in the peaceful surroundings of this ancient church with the following two poets:

Leaf Pettit has been writing poetry with purpose since she was a teenager when she was first published in an anthology, ‘Rage and Rebellion’, which spurred her on to pursue her writing.

Two of her poems are included in ‘Poetry Pool 2’ a collection of poems from Liverpool John Moores University. Leaf’s work has also appeared in ‘Writer’s Wheel’ magazine and a couple of local publications, including the ‘Stillness’ pamphlet produced from the first Wellbeing Weekend at St Elidan’s Pilgrim Church in 2023.

She has assisted with many workshops, mentored students and been employed on several residential and summer courses with Liverpool John Moores University.

Leaf has a BA and MA in Creative Writing.

Patricia Sumner has loved creative writing ever since she was very young. As an adult, she was lucky enough to study under the poet and author Dr Gladys Mary Coles among other writers. 
Pat worked as a primary school teacher for ten years, specialising in English. She now runs her own writing, editing and proofreading business, and she teaches creative writing to adults. 
As a children’s author, she has written and had published children’s picture books, adventure stories, factual books, teaching resources and a novel. As a poet, she has had two collections published and has won prizes for her poetry and plays.
Pat has a BA in English Literature and Philosophy, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education.

SUN 4/8/24 at 3.00-4.30pm in Llanelidan, starting at the church

A Christfulness Walk with Rev Diana Greenfield

Join Rev Diana as she guides us on a soothing and prayerful walk around the beautiful and tranquil village of Llanelidan and the surrounding area. We will pause from time to time for contemplation and to admire the stunning scenery.

SUN 4/8/24 at 6.30-7.30pm in St Elidan’s Church 

Taizé worship with Rev Diana Greenfield

Join us for music and meditative chanting in St Elidan’s Pilgrim Church as we bring to a close this relaxing and healing Wellbeing Weekend. Everyone is welcome. No need to book!