Fwd: Newsletter for Sunday 7th March

Dear Friends, great news,  we are able to open our churches once again for public worship!  As we come out of winter and look forward to Spring, it will be a joy to meet again, and gather together for worship. 
On the font of the newsletter is a message from Fr Huw and attached is the full length letter for you to read. 
Opening our churches means that everyone attending a service must pre-book their seat. This is essential, in order to keep everyone safe and compliant with Covid necessity of spacial distancing and wearing masks. 
We have tried to make the process of booking as simple and easy as possible, with just a click on the link https://dyffrynclwyd.co.uk/live/sunday-worship-booking;
It is essential everyone attending a service, pre-books a seat, we must have a robust audit trail, should test track and trace become necessary. 
If you attend a service where you have not booked – you will be turned away and no one wants to be put in that position.  
If you have problems for what ever reason with the online booking – please contact your church warden or the clergy – who will do this for you. 
Rev Huw              01824 705 286
Rev Stuart           01824 702 068
Rev Richard        01824 703867
I look forward to joining you once again in worship, as we journey through Lent towards Easter; and all that it brings to our lives, our churches and communities 
Caroline Bennett
Administrator – Dyffryn Clwyd Mission Area
Tel: 01824 707820
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