Holy Eucharist on 1st Sunday of Lent

Join members of our Mission Area in St. Peter’s Church, Ruthin at 10:30am on Sunday 21st February for a streamed service of bilingual Holy Communion.

You can find a link to our regular service book below:https://d.docs.live.net/597b3d9a0edeff0e/Documents/General/Liturgy/Holy%20Eucharist%20LENT%20Jan’06%20DRAFT.doc

In the service we consider why the Holy Spirit led Jesus to the desert and what ‘wilderness’ might mean to us this year.

Stuart has spent over five full days recording, editing and uploading this service only to discover that, at times, the sound and the vision is out of sync! You might want to simply listen to the words, join in with the hymns and not get too bothered that what is happening on screen doesn’t match! No matter how unprofessional it might look, we offer all our worship, praise and thanksgiving, again, to God this Lent…!