Newsletter for 23rd January

Hi All

I hope everyone is keeping well and safe. The time just seems to be flying by at the moment…
As usual it’s been a busy week, and as always there’s plenty to look forward to…
On Thursday we’ll be meeting together as the Mission Area Conference. This is an important meeting in the life of Dyffryn Clwyd, MAC is made up the church wardens of all our churches together and are responsible for all our finances and buildings. It is at MAC that we look at our plans for the future, see what is working, what is not working and make the important decisions of where we put our energy as we seek to fulfil God’s mission across our communities as we seek to Grow Faith, Bring Hope and Demonstrate Love. At MAC we will be updating our Mission Action Plan.
Please do pray for this meeting, and your churchwarden who will represent you there. If there’s anything you would like discussed at MAC then please do let me or your churchwarden know.

One of the things that we are planning as we recover and rebuild from the Pandemic is during Lent we will be asking people to come and join us for a LyCig (Leading your Church into growth) course. This will be open to anyone in the Mission Area and we hope that every church will have people wanting to be involved in this. The course is designed to help us think about our churches, to see the opportunities to engage with others in our communities and how to reach out to them. This will build on the course we did last year with church wardens, Divine Renovations, and seeks to aid us in opening up to better serve our communities and bring others to faith. It will be held on Monday evenings, on Zoom at 7pm beginning on 7th of March for 5 weeks, with another 2 weeks after Easter on the 25th of April and 2nd of May. Please do keep these dates in your diary and keep an eye out for more information coming soon…

We’ve also go a listening course coming up which will be run on a Saturday. This free day will introduce people to ideas about listening well to another person. It is open to all in the Mission Area. It may be of particular interest to the Shared Ministry Team, current and prospective members of the pastoral team, and anyone who sees engaging with others in their church and local community as part of their Christian calling. There will be interactive group teaching and the opportunity to learn and practise new skills.
It will be held in Llanfair Church, one the 19th of February from 9.30am to 3.30.
If you’d like to join this day then please email Rev’d Natasha –

Tad Huw
Mission Area Leader of Dyffryn Clwyd