Newsletter for the 19th Sunday after Trinity

Hi All

Hard to believe another week has just flown by, I hope everyone is keeping well and safe.
Attached is the news letter and reading sheet for this Sunday. You’ll notice on the news letter that we’ve got a lot of new things starting!
One of the gaps in our life as a mission area identified in the review was finding the spaces for us to come together and talk about our faith and explore what we believe and why so we’ve got 2 discussion groups now starting, these are not just for us in the church but are also there for anyone you might know who is asking questions or searching for answers…
On a Tuesday at 6.30 (following on from the Celtic Eucharist service in Llanbedr DC) we’ll be in the Griffin for an hour or so, relaxing with a drink and chatting through questions brought by the group. This week we’ll be looking at some of our rituals in church, why do we do them and what do they mean to us (flyer attached)
On Thursday at 2pm we’ll be in Llangynhafal Church for another discussion group, this one will be with a short video and then plenty of time to chat and explore different aspects of our faith over a cuppa (flyer attached). 
On Friday we’ve got Drop in Fridays in St Peter’s Ruthin, if you’re in town between 9am & 2pm then drop in for a chat and a brew and see what’s going on…

Please also remember that if you would like us to pray for you or someone you know then do let us know. We will be renewing the prayer list at the beginning of each month so if you want us to continue to pray for someone then make sure you let Paul Chamberlain know (his email is on the newsletter). As well as praying for people who are ill or housebound, we can also pray for your loved ones departed, if it’s coming up to an anniversary of death of one of your loved ones then please do let us know so we can include them in our prayers.

Tad Huw
Mission Area Leader of Dyffryn Clwyd